I am Graphic Designer

AAli Rashidi is my name, also some may know me as SHAHRAM. I am a graphic designer and photographer who have been around advertising agencies for more than 15 years. During the past years I was an art director in "MYSKETCH Adv Group" managing a team of talented creative and also doing all kind of production - Branding, Catalog Design, Packaging, Stationary, web design, illustration, Social Story,...

Here is a quick way to know me better. You will find on this page the milestones of my background. I had the chance and opportunity to work with great people, I learned a lot and experienced a lot. I worked for major clients - local and international brands. I really like the contact with a client, to hear his needs and create a healthy and true relationship. I have always a idea for creative design and i dislike stereotype.

Today one of my freelance mission is helping young entrepreneurs and startups to design their branding and/or create their communication tools.

I will be honored to meet you and work with you. 

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